Did you know that most people spend only 5% of their time doing something they actually love!

The average person spends 60% of the day working, 20% sleeping, another 15% commuting and only 5% doing something they actually love. That 5% means everything for some people, especially for those who do not enjoy what they do for living. For many people it means not seeing their kids growing up, not been able to keep healthy habits, not sharing with friends and family and in general not enjoying thelife.

These frightening statistics show that the average person barely has time to see his/her family, work out, read a book, go to the movies, have a hobby, etc. And if we are consistent with the metrics, it means that we only have 5% of the energy of the day to do the things we love on those 1.2 hours that left of the day.  It does not sound fair at all, does it?

So, in order to improve your life it seems like you have to improve your career as well. If most of the day and the energy is consumed working, then you should better do something you like, a career where you can be more productive because you procrastinate less, and an activity that boosts your energy instead of making you feel exhausted. But how can you find such a career?

First of all, and this is a great practice if you are working on your personal development, you have to break the terrible habit of thinking that it is not possible to make an income from your passion or that it is not on your cards! If you are willing to make a huge change and start enjoying more than 70% of your day, keep reading this life changing tips!

improved-time-management-skills-Energy-career1. Focus on yourself:

Take a few minutes to go deep and focus on yourself. What are your values? What are your priorities? What is it that you are really good at? Once you have your answers, read about it, become an expert and enjoy every minute of it. When you focus on doing something you really love, your body creates endorphins, which makes you happier and boosts your energy. You will be more balanced and stronger, since your brain will have more oxygen as well. Focus most of your energy on the right activity and on the right person.

2. Get ideas, get feedback and collect the best practices:

If you want to make a career from what you love you have to be informed. Use your energy looking for information about how you can exploit this passion. What are the main activities you could do? Who is already doing this and how much does the market worth? Would you be performing the activity, selling it or teaching how to doing? Ask some experts in the field how did they do it? What are the ups and downs? What would they do differently if they had to start over? Get specific information so that you can prepare your steps. Then you can ask your friends and family: how do you do it? How can you improve? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

3. Plan your goals and objectives:

Now that you know your values and highest priorities and that you have information about the ways in which you can exploit this, it is time for you to make a plan to develop a new career. In order to make an effective action plan, first you have to be clear about your goals. Ask yourself what is it that you want to achieve in the short and long term (focus on your career only). Do you have short term and long term objectives? If yes, break them into several specific objectives and set a deadline for each of them. Write them as positive statement and make them measurable (here are some tips about how to set your goals and objectives)

Once your goals are clear, it seems easier to make an action plan to achieve them doesn’t it? Now, get ready to take each specific objective that you have written and think about the activities that you could do to accomplish them. It is very useful to write your plan under each objective. Consider the resources that you might need as well.

4. Get to work:

Congratulations! You have found your values and priorities, thought about how to make a career from them and set clear goals and objectives. Now is time to take action and get to work on your action plan!  Now that you are working on something that inspires you from within, you will feel how your energy flows in the right direction and you will find many more creative ways to develop your career.

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Jessica Rojas

Jessica Rojas: Career Transition and Talent Development, Coach / Consultant / Trainer ★ Dolquest Expert. I base my work on my highest values: freedom, engagement, self-grow and support. Every day, I exploit my best skills: good listening, pedagogy, open-mindedness, flexibility and a solution-oriented vision. I also use my own cultural-adaptation experience to understand people’s behaviors, paradigms, and structures of thinking. I know that high personal achievement is possible because I have done it myself, and I am confident that I can coach others towards change as well. Founder of Alba Institute, a professional coaching and training organization that works with individuals and companies in all areas of personal and professional development. We inspire, empower and help individuals and teams reach their true potential.

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