Time is a wonderful gift that we have all received. Every person alive has time. Is the way we choose to spend it what makes us have different results from each other. One of the things that I have been told very often is that I am not a very patient person. I am one those who like to have everything done right away, who dreams about something and wants to see it materialized in the next minute. I am not good at all at waiting, and wasting time freaks me out. But living abroad, meeting people from all over the world, working on my own personal development and living tons of different experiences made me realize how wrong I am about “timing” sometimes.


We usually make the terrible mistake to think that the world is moving faster now, that the economy has changed so much that we have to keep up or catch up, the competence among peers keeps increasing and there is no time to waste. I agree, let’s keep going. But we cannot forget the basics: Everything in the world has a time for gestation. We have the impression that everything moves faster because thecommunication is better and the information runs faster. But the plants keep taking the same time to grow, a baby still needs nine months to be born, and every single idea needs a development process to be materialized.

That been said, I believe that being patient is crucial to success. Understanding the timing of the goals that you want to achieve in life is essential to its completion. Most people give up their projects because they do not have patience. These people have not taken into account the gestation time and neither the learning process of every endeavor.


Patience and self-determination are the ultimate keys to success. Make sure that every day you do something that will contribute to your goals and remember that each day counts. All the buildings raised started with a stone, every marathon achieved started with a first step…Take into account the time of gestation and learn from every single mistake you make, but keep on going. The most successful people in the world understand that everything takes time. They have self-determination, they never give up and in each step back they find an opportunity to improve.

As I said, time is a wonderful gift that we’ve all received. So next time you say: I don’t have time to read, I don’t have time to call my mom, I don’t have time to do sport, I don’t even have time to eat… think again. You do have time; you are just using it for something else. Something that you think has more value to you at that moment. Take your time to work every day in your goals but always give the things the right level of importance. Sometimes we are so focused on one and only thing, because we think that that will make us hit the highest level of success, and so we underestimate the rest. And it turns out that the rest is also moving, people are getting older, kids are growing up…

Rushing things will not short down their time of gestation, but it will get you tired! Stay healthy, be determinate, work on your personal development and focus on your goals!

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Jessica Rojas

Jessica Rojas: Career Transition and Talent Development, Coach / Consultant / Trainer ★ Dolquest Expert. I base my work on my highest values: freedom, engagement, self-grow and support. Every day, I exploit my best skills: good listening, pedagogy, open-mindedness, flexibility and a solution-oriented vision. I also use my own cultural-adaptation experience to understand people’s behaviors, paradigms, and structures of thinking. I know that high personal achievement is possible because I have done it myself, and I am confident that I can coach others towards change as well. Founder of Alba Institute, a professional coaching and training organization that works with individuals and companies in all areas of personal and professional development. We inspire, empower and help individuals and teams reach their true potential.

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