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How can we help you?

In Alba Institute, we are right here in the present but we are also projecting into the future.

Today, we are facing transformation, change, discovering the unknown while we try to understand how to overcome these new challenges. Let us help you, through our professional coaching services, guide your managers and teams to smoothly go through change and to embrace the new generations to come. Let us guide your employees with our professional career counseling services to exploit the best talents and skills they have to offer

So, what is the future?

The future is digital and multicultural. The biggest challenge we will face is to assimilate that the world has become borderless, people move from countries to countries and companies hire the more and more services abroad. But we are there where you are, because online there are no borders. Our professional coaching services and training are adapted to be delivered off line as well as online, to help you reach your ambitious goals

The future will also be marked by the new generations, the millennials and generation Z, who are challenging. Challenging because they are no longer following the old rules. They are connected and they need to be appreciated. We help you awaken the potential of any individual. With our career development coaching services, regardless of the generation, origin and culture, we prepare individuals to be the best version of themselves

Whether you are a company looking to differentiate from the competition or an individual looking to stand out as a professional (or as a candidate,) know that the power lies inside of you! If we are strong within we will be strong on the outside. The best resources a company has is the people. Strong, awakened and self-confident professionals is what makes the difference today and will do in the future!