How positive thinking is related to personal development?

Positive thinking is the best practice that we can do when it comes to personal development and achievement. After 20 years of research and investigating the lives of the millionaires in America, Napoleon Hill reached to this conclusion: “We become what we think about most of the time”. There are many habits that the most successful people in the world apply to ensure their success, but certainly the most important one is having a positive thinking.

Many studies have been made since 1937 after the successful book “think and grow rich” was launched. More recently, in 2006, we saw the successful launched of the movie “The secret”, also based on the “positive thinking” and “the law of attraction”.The truth is that all these theories are related  and the key to make them work is to understand how to program our mind.

In order to improve our personal development, and create the life we want, is important to understand two things:

Neuronal circuits or information highways

The human brain is made up of many cells including the neurons. There are more than 10 billion neurons in each brain, which allows a human being to have a brain capacity to store information for more than 25000 years. The average men uses only 10% of his brain capacity, which means that we still have a lot more to use. But how does the brain work? Each neuron fills in with information whenever it receives a stimulus. When the neuron is full, it connects to another neuron through a thread called “dendrite”.  When the other neuron is full, it reaches another neuron through another dendrite and so on, creating a neuronal circuit. This circuit is also called the “information highway”, since it contains all the information that comes from the stimulus received and the outcome of it.

Let’s illustrate this with an example. Imagine that a woman, Anne, is cooking and she is making several dishes. While doing a few things at the same time, she burns her hand. Her brain is creating a new neuronal circuit and whenever she will find herself in a similar situation, her brain will activate the same circuit and will create/avoid the same outcome. So, Anne will probably avoid cooking again because she thinks that she will burn again. Therefore, when she cooks, she does not feel good and creates a new self-limiting belief. An important part of the personal development is to understand the origin of our self-limiting beliefs; in this case, it comes from a bad experience.

The law of vibration

Even though we have enough brain capacity for 25000 years, the brain will always choose to activate the neuronal circuits that have been  created previously, repeating the same results over and over. When this happens, the emotions tend to repeat as well. So, if we repeat a circuit with a bad outcome we fill pain, sadness, anger, and other negative emotions. When we repeat a positive circuit, we feel happiness, joy, hope, and other positive emotions. Every emotion creates a vibration. That’s when the law of vibration comes in.

The law of vibration, which is the base of the law of attraction, states that everything that exists in the universe, whether seen or unseen, is made of pure energy that exists as a vibratory frequency. Therefore, all of our thoughts and feelings also have their own vibrational frequency. This frequency resonates with equal frequencies. In consequence, our thoughts are connected to the other energetic elements in the universe, and whenever we vibrate in a certain frequency, we will attract more of the same. For this reason it is important have a positive thinking to vibrate in a high positive frequency.

The whole explanation might sound complex but the main conclusion is: think positive, always find the positive side of situations and be an appreciator of your life. This way you will attract more of the same and you can create the life you want…

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Jessica Rojas

Jessica Rojas: Career Transition and Talent Development, Coach / Consultant / Trainer ★ Dolquest Expert. I base my work on my highest values: freedom, engagement, self-grow and support. Every day, I exploit my best skills: good listening, pedagogy, open-mindedness, flexibility and a solution-oriented vision. I also use my own cultural-adaptation experience to understand people’s behaviors, paradigms, and structures of thinking. I know that high personal achievement is possible because I have done it myself, and I am confident that I can coach others towards change as well. Founder of Alba Institute, a professional coaching and training organization that works with individuals and companies in all areas of personal and professional development. We inspire, empower and help individuals and teams reach their true potential.

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